Spin-off from Planes thread into opinion formation


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May 4, 2007
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This was originally in Congress is riding in style... The discussion was going off into a direction about the views of those on the left and right, and how they are formed. r0beph;14609 was contending that, essentially, those on the left are more informed, more enlightened and self-informed in their opinions. Those on the right were merely droids speaking the talking-points ordered by the right???-leaning MSM. He cited examples of alternative and/or Conservative media, and almost nothing in MSM.

I chose to start a new thread to try to preserve the integrity of the original post, and picks up here...

First of all when I speak of the groups, I speak in majority portions. Left leaning politicos tend to be, as I said, self-informing. Their sources of information? Numerous online outlets, blogs, research of scientific papers, and on and on. However the vast majority of right-wingers that you hear (not all, but a majority nonetheless) tend to be SINGLE information point informed. It is fairly obvious. The left wingers tend to have different arguments with different information supporting their ideas while every time I've had to discuss global warming, Pelosi, healthcare, or anything, with a right-winger, it is as if every one of them speaks from the same voice. Same information, same points, same arguments, same same same. If they were self-informing and did original research instead of having it spoon fed from the MSM then I'd not be saying this.

Very fascinating. As part of the left-leaning politicos, I assume, you seem to understand the sources of information, hence the formation of their beliefs, understanding and views. Why is it that you should suppose that right-wingers (wish THAT was the phrase of the week) are any different? When there are some core facts, immutable and irrefutable, why should anyone ignore them to try to sound different from others who feel the same?

Of course, there are those on the right, at all positions right of center, who can sound inane and uninformed. The same can be said of those on the left, and those who consider themselves centrist. Anecdotal: I just got done consoling my "Centrist-Independent" sister-in-law who bought into a very few qualities she perceived in Barack Obama, based on her feelings and hearing how much praise he received on TV. She's no dummy, but she has acted ignorantly, not seeking her own information, looking for her own facts.

Personally, when I investigate an issue, I try to get the best information I can, not just asking my initial question, but also asking what the hidden motives may be in any source(s) and their background and accuracy level, when possible. So your term self-informing reflects my personal method, that people should seek out as much accurate information as possible, consider their own personal convictions, and formulate their position/belief.

Believe me, the right-wingers you so enthusiastically malign do NOT gather their information in large part from MSM. On the contrary. I do listen to the MSM, various outlets, on a daily basis. CNN one day, CBS/ABC/NBC another, MSNBC a third, or a combination. In general I am appalled at the marked liberal slant.

Same information, same points, same arguments, same same same. Gee, that's all I hear from so many on the left, as well. Actually, to a much greater degree than those (for the most part) on the right. Case in point: The litany against Bush from the left. The same talking points, cliches, etc. on TV, radio and in my personal experiences. Sounded like a broken record from 2006-2008. And beyond. Repetitive ad nauseum.

During that same period, those on the right had a very broad set of views. Some supportive of some aspects, some of others. Few supported all. Few showed no support. Some policies received more positive response, others received more negative, but typically a profound mix. I saw nothing of the same same same you address.

Correct that. I did see some, but it was from the fringe, the one-or-two issue Conservatives, who I do not give much credit to. But certainly not in the manner of sameness you describe.

As for not caring about planes. What I mean by this was that if the top mouth pieces of the right (O'reilly, rush, hannity, and so forth) felt that it would be damaging to the left and that the right would be completely absolved of public ire in this, you'd hear about it day in and day out, have protestes forming, have studies done as to why its so wrong to have purchased these planes for congress. You'd have a nuclear response from the right-leaning MSM outlets. But this isn't the case, they don't care about planes, as I said, quite simply, because their constituent politicians were themselves involved with the purchases.

First, I must point out that O'Reilly is certainly NOT a mouthpiece for the right. He is accused of those on the left of being on the right. Accused by those on the right of being on the left. Goes head to head on a pretty much equal basis of those on both sides. I guess you, like most liberals, choose to label him that because of his strong pro-life views. Talk about a one-issue opinion...

No, that is not how they handle these issues at all. (Except for those on the very fringe, as mentioned above.) Most of the Conservative talk radio hosts (you seem to give particular emphasis on them, so I will too) tend to be very strong on original-ism and constitutionalism. They firmly believe that the federal government has gotten too large and way to powerful, totally out of balance with personal liberties and constitutional rights. Believe me, they DO care about these planes, or rather the expenditure of purchasing them. They care about every unnecessary expenditure of our tax monies. Obviously, the information is out there for those who want to find it, but Congress knows that when they want to spend money on something, if there is any way they can shroud it in Defense spending they can just about get away with murder.

But back about the planes? The MSM is starting to pick up on this, but God knows how much play it will get. IF alternative media hadn't picked up on this first, hadn't started asking questions, there would be NO attempt at accountability at all. I'm looking forward to the day when you leftists decide to step out of the shadow of your hallowed halls of higher learning and bask a bit in the edifying bright light of truth.