Take a walk in my shoes...

Yep I really like calling you names cause you are so thin skinned and of course, you are a lefty with a silly screen name. But hey, that's just my opinion.

And, you can call me whatever you like which you do with regularity. But, could you at least be humorous?

And thank you for calling me a fine young man. I like that.

yea I am thin skinned that is why I asked the mods to let it go cuz I did not care at all...I have never once asked for any mods to do anything about anything said to me. I could care less.
A question for you Bunz,

Should it matter that you are a mod? Is her being rude to you worth more than if she were being rude to a fellow member because you are a mod?
No, not at all. If that were the case I would just ban the user, and delete any posts I want. I would also give out warnings and infractions for just being ideologically opposite of myself.
You know how you could slap a cop and get in really big trouble and do double that damage to a regular person and not get in any or little trouble? Well it could be how things are here with mods and members and if that’s the case that’s ok. I just want to know.
Not exactly.
All I am saying is what ever punishment you put on Always should be done to anyone doing the same thing at the same level or a worse level, unless its more severe to attack a mod.
Yes I dont disagree, but as a moderator, I am able to read a post, and act upon a post. If I dont read that post, or am not aware of it through the post being reported, I cannot act on it. This whole notion of not wanting to be the narc or whatever is bogus and simply dumb. If you are personally attacked in a post, report it and the staff can deal with it.
If the mods would refrain from posting and just act only in the capacity of mods there would be no problem with bias. But then there would almost be no posters left on this forum at all.

There are only four mods.

Unlike Bunz, I do post on other forums. One thing I've noticed about this one is that we don't seem to have as many members as some of the others. Threads don't proceed quite as quickly on this one. I think one reason we don't attract more people here is the propensity of some of our members to take themselves and their point of view to extremes: I'm a conservative/liberal and anyone who doesn't share my point of view is a ******, and so I am going to engage in childish name calling and attacks and post rants with no logic or backups because anyone who doesn't agree is just an idiot anyway. Of course, that extends to the assertion that the mods are picking on liberals/conservatives like me, which is nonsense of course.

I contacted Mirror Lake on another forum and invited him to join us here, which he did. I haven't seen him post in quite some time, and wonder if he read some of the all caps rants and decided to go elsewhere.
Here is the response the blog user said in response.

My favorite part of his reply: "If he and you were not political twins your support would not create so much laughter."

Such statements create laughter :D

As for your question: I don't think anyone should have to deal with such harassment - For some reason I believe I have said that before in this very thread but my statement disappeared, possibly because I was speaking directly to a different member or it could be my memory is foggy. Either way, I stand by my statement. Those who continually pick fights and continually harass another member should get smacked with the ban stick.

The mod staff here at the HOP is excellent, every one is fair, and you all have my full support.
I have not read those posts by always. I believe that he is a raving lunatic, but that is my personal opinion, and not the point. I would think that those on his own ideological side would consider him an embarassment. I believe that the moderators on this board are very lenient, which is fine by me.