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Dec 17, 2014
According to most economists the tariffs will cost jobs, not create jobs:


"As President, you pledged to put America and American jobs first. But imposing tariffs would be bad for the economy and bad for American workers. U.S. manufacturers that consume steel employ an estimated 40 to 60 times more U.S. workers than do steel producing facilities. This tax hike would put these jobs at risk. In fact, when George W Bush increased tariffs on steel, 200,000 jobs were lost as a direct result.

If the U.S. government develops a fortress mentality in a global marketplace, it will spur trading partners to treat U.S. products in the same manner. If foreign governments imitate the U.S. government’s use of tariffs, U.S. exports of manufactured goods could decline. Nothing is more important to long-term U.S. prosperity than being able to sell America’s exceptional products in markets that 95 percent of the world’s population call home."
We need steel from anyplace we can get it. If America could get enough of it's iron mines running again maybe we could increase jobs. Do you see how China is using their steel. They've built entire cities full of high rises. They've got a long bridge that's going to extend across the sea connecting 3 landmasses Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau. It's massive.
An American lady on Radio 4 yesterday baffled many by giving a long talk on 'turfs'. Is that why some country folk seem not to mind them?