That 20 b billion joe gave Indonesia could of fixed this problem for Americans

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Jan 17, 2022

shame how joe looks out for others more then Americans

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Nov 17, 2022

shame how joe looks out for others more then Americans
There is a conspiracy theory brewing here which we probably haven't heard before.

In order to gain the respect, if not acquiescence, of the Southeast Asian powerhouse home of the greatest Muslim population of any nation on Earth, and to do a "solid" for his loved ones and admirers, Barack Obama demonstrates his ability to affect the disbursement of billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury even though he is not in office.

As evidence of his political relevance and that he is the real power behind the sitting POTUS, Barack Obama MAY have orchestrated this bit of U.S. largess.

This interview with TV's Judge Joe Brown reveals information about Obama you may not have heard before now.

Judge Joe Brown With An Interesting Story About Donald Trump (12:42)

5:09 Trump financed 2 Jesse Jackson POTUS runs

5:22 Playing dozens. People too sensitive today. Feminization of America

7:15 Voters should adopt a policy of 'No benefit = No vote's

7:23 Bush & Obama story

10:24 Obama nets $500 Million/yrs. Trump doesnt make that much yearly, net.

10:34 Lolo Soetoro died one of the 10 - 15 richest men on earth. Obama has 1/3 share of that Indonesian trust fund.