The future of the Trump political dynasty on the ballot


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May 1, 2014
1. ...Four years ago, the Trump children followed President Donald Trump’s cannonball into American politics, making their own ripples along the way.

With zero political experience, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner traded New York business high society for White House jobs. Kushner took charge of seemingly everything. Ivanka Trump met with world leaders alongside her father. Donald Trump Jr. took a page from his father’s playbook, leveraging a legion of social media fans to become a revered MAGA troll who traveled the country whipping up crowds — and raising questions about his political ambitions. His girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, left her Fox News gig to become a full-time cheerleader, campaigner and fundraiser for the president.

Back in New York, Eric Trump defended the Trump Organization as it faced legal scrutiny over its bookkeeping practices. Meanwhile, his wife, Lara Trump, became a popular Trump campaign spokesperson, stirring up chatter that she might run for office one day.

Now, in the final stretch of the election, the Trump clan has been on a mission to save this iteration of the family venture: cultural warriors, GOP takeover artists, and, perhaps, a budding political dynasty. In a frenzied tour across battleground states, Trump’s family members are making a personal pitch to voters that it’s not just their father who should stay in power, it’s them as well....

Few have benefited more from Trump’s political ascent than his children and their partners. The perch of the White House has exposed the Trump kids to Republican politicians, donors and voters. It fostered potential political aspirations, while giving the family company greater global exposure and contacts. It also, of course, created numerous questions about conflicts of interest....

Financially, Trump’s four years in the White House have offered a lifeline for parts of his family businesses. Trump’s D.C. hotel has been a hotspot for Republicans, foreign governments and conservative organizations, generating tens of millions in revenue. And following Trump’s upset win in 2016, donors and wealthy Republicans rushed to join some of Trump’s resorts, like Mar-a-Lago, which hiked its membership fee. Separately, Trump’s frequent travel to his own properties has funneled millions in government spending to the Trump Organization....


2. US voters got more than they bargained for in 2016. Besides voting for one man, they discovered they had voted a political dynasty into power. It is akin to "buying one, getting one free" in a sales promotion. They rejected the "great deal" in 2020 after they found out they had been conned for the last four years. Unfortunately, due to the flaws of American democracy, chances are high for political con artists to emerge time and again to entice voters into getting "two for the price of one" in their four-yearly "sales promotion". :)