the leader of hamas in gaza


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Apr 4, 2008
unilke the hapless netanyahu, sinwar is a real leader who has reduced the zionist war criminal to impotence

"Gaza’s leader, Yahya Sinwar, was born to parents who were evicted from their homes by Jewish militia groups during the 1948 ethnic cleansing of what is today the Israeli city of Ashkelon. Yahya was born in 1962 in the Khan Yunis refugee camp, a location that has been repeatedly subjected to Israeli atrocities and soul-crushing poverty.

At his United Nations sponsored elementary school, Sinwar — whose surname translates to fisherman — academically excelled. As a student of Arabic Language at the Islamic University of Gaza, Sinwar was an active political organizer, though at the time he dedicated himself to organizing exclusively non-violent resistance. In spite of his attempts to remain within the law, Israeli authorities arrested and tortured him multiple times throughout the 1980s for his political activities.

After meeting several Palestinian radicals in jail and having suffered repeated betrayals at the hands of snitches, Sinwar ultimately concluded that the vast network of Palestinian turncoats informing to Israeli authorities on their neighbors were the most important hurdle holding the nationalist movement back. In response to this, he founded the counter-espionage group Munazzamat al Jihad w’al-Dawa (MAJD) in 1986, which specialized in rooting out and punishing rats.

During his incarceration, Sinwar learned to speak and read Hebrew. He dedicated himself to reading Israeli newspapers, as well as books on Jewish history and World War II. During the 22 years he spent incarcerated, the man described as “Spartan” and “single-minded” in his lifestyle, even after being freed, devoted himself to uncovering the political and ethnic weaknesses of the Jews and the Zionist worldview.

For this reason, Israeli commentators regularly refer to Sinwar as an almost mythical boogeyman type figure, a “little Hitler” (how Netanyahu references him) that holds a master key to the Jewish mind. This one-man Frankfurt School belligerently studied the Jews in the same fashion that Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernais, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, and Theodore Adorno once mapped out the white man’s dreams, impulses, vulnerabilities, and subconsciousness. In Israel, Sinwar is spoken of with the begrudging respect an equally matched adversary has earned compared to American media, which presents him as an irrational one-dimensional Durka Durka terrorist.

Most who have sought to understand Sinwar’s calculations agree that he launched October 7th knowing it would trigger a hysterical overreaction. A cutting-edge artificial intelligence program developed to find patterns in Sinwar’s decision-making process so far found that his thinking is highly scientific and rational, creating outcomes many steps in advance.

The central promise of the Zionist project is that it is a safehouse for the Jews of the world, regardless of where they are from or what crimes they are evading.

Sinwar’s plan was a functional refutation of this promise, transforming Israel from a novelty security blanket into a resource drain for the global Jewish diaspora, forcing them to request top level officials in their pay in Washington, Paris, Berlin and London to take politically unpopular and unjustifiable risks.

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gaza famine is still the issue
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Well yeah, 100% correct!Dawkinsevolution.png
in prison, the greatest hatred from the inmates are for child killers...

no such hatred exists for the "most moral army in the world"..

it is the right of oppressed people to rise up against their enemies

"..More grave violations against children were committed in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel than anywhere else in the world last year, according to a UN report due to be published this week.

The report on children and armed conflict, which has been seen by the Guardian, verified more cases of war crimes against children in the occupied territories and Israel than anywhere else, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Somalia, Nigeria and Sudan.

“Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory presents an unprecedented scale and intensity of grave violations against children,” the report said.

A mourner carries the body of a Palestinian child killed in an Israeli strike
UN adds Israel to list of states committing violations against children
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The annual assessment – due to be presented to the UN general assembly later this week by the secretary general, António Guterres – lists Israel for the first time in an annex of state offenders responsible for violations of children’s rights, triggering outrage from the Israeli government.

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gaza famine and killing of the children is still the issue
Criminal Hamas and criminal Putin, true friends.

well done..we know what you are reading

no doubt nelson mandela got the same treatment

...American media, which presents him as an irrational one-dimensional Durka Durka terrorist.


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