The only way democrats will learn is Al Queda attack us again


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
Liberals just dont understand how importaint to have a strong military. Liberals just dont understand how weak Obama is. Hes Another Jimmy Carter. Remember the IRAN crises Americans held hostage 444 days? And He couldnt even deal with the Soviets when they invaded Afgainstan. It took a Strong man named REAGAN to show the World just how strong America was. Reagan didnt play games like Liberals do. Wanna know why North Korea has nuclear weapons? It was Bill Clintons fault on being too nice to Kim Jung. Like Albright gave an autograph Micheal Jordan basketball to Kim Jung. It was Albrights fault for negotaing peacefuly with Kim Jung but offering giving his country food,water and medical equipment if you promise not to produce Nuclear weapons and Kim Jung laughed at us when Albright left North Korea. You see Liberals dont get it. But Republicans know how to negotate. They dont play games. It was Reagan who bought down the Iron Curtain. And We won the cold war without firing a single shot. So i do hope Al Queda does strike America again. Like I do hope they Attack UCLA and kill 6,000 students lets see how Obama would respond. Liberals are like zombies dont know what the hell is going on in this world. They dont have a clue what the Middle East is doing. Reagan understood terrorism he did something about Libya he bombed them twiced. Bush understood it too. Clinton was too soft on Bin Laden. Like the 1st WTC attack what did Clinton do? NOTHING!!! The Somali U.S Embassy attack what did Clinton do? NOTHING!!! The U.S.S Cole attack what did Clinton do? NOTHING!!! And We had Bin Laden right in front of CIA Agents waiting for Authorizing from Albright take out Bin Laden. She said we dont have the right to bomb innocent women and children. What will the American people think if we did such a thing? My job is to get Al Gore elected. You see if Bill Clinton would done his job 9-11 wouldnt happened. You see thats the nature of liberalism. Liberals dont know how to negotiate. All they figure is if you give aid and money youll make peace. The only way to make peace is declare war on dictators or try to assassinate them. Such as what Pat Robertson suggested we should do to Hugo Chavez and that Crazy IRAN Leader. And Bombing Pakistan to keep Al Queda on notice. So i hope the Arabs do attack UCLA maybe these liberal zombies will wake up!
It was Reagan who bought down the Iron Curtain.

A triumph of propaganda over reality.

Reagan was an old fool who started the serious economic decline of the US.

And a convicted terrorist.

The enemies of the US must pray fervently that another fool like the hero of Grenada gets elected.

Comrade Stalin
Did you really write this ?

Comrade Stalin

I was making a point. Look at every democrat except Kennedy who failed a crises. Carter Failed! Clinton Failed! Will Obama fail? Lets face it,, If People elected Humphey president in 1960 there would be Nuclear hell. JFK knew what he was up against he knew how to handle Krushev. On the other hand Obama doesnt have a clue what the hell is going on in the Middle East. Sarah Palin knows thats why she should be the next president