The Virginia win by republicans


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Mar 25, 2021
Is being Looked at for a win for Right wing policy , couldn't be truer that is if hate is a reason to celebrate a win over. This isn't going to be easy for Democrats and they will have to quit playing nice but to save this country the patriots in this country have to continue to fight against this willingness of the right to bring down democracy for power. We already know they are willing to be governed by a dictator and will accomplish this with lies and violence. The ugliness of the right is seen by their support of killing and violence to try to steal the election with clubs swung to kill ,guns and bombs. We have watched this throughout history when power is driven by hatred and lies. Every dictator that has ever existed has used this as their power base. This Drive for power By Trump is derived by the only book Trump has read in his lifetime, one that was on his bed stand for nightly reading, It was called "MY new Order" by Adolf Hitler,s which is a book of his speeches used by historians to study how This man of hate was able to sell his lies and hatred to the population of Germany. This will be a book about Trump , his followers and a party that has sold out democracy for hate in the future. It will be just another historical read . Showing what a anti Christian can and is willing to do for power and a anti Christian following whose hate has over ridden their conscience.
Keep in mind this hate group they call a party can win and bring down our democracy because in reality the easiest drive for power always has been lies and hate and they have shown a willingness to use this and their followers have been willing to except the obvious lies and ugliness that they are using. You want to keep the American dream, fight against the right wing hate and lies until we take back the country from this threat.