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Trump doesn't read and he ignored intelligence reports

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by reedak, Apr 30, 2020.

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    May 1, 2014
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    ....Just as no one in the national-security apparatus harbored the delusion that the president reads things at that point, there was no reason to believe he would start doing his homework in the intervening years. He has always been the kid who didn't do the reading. It's easy to imagine him in eighth grade: "Gatsby, he's a tremendous guy, big house, you're hearing about him more and more." He reportedly does not attend the Coronavirus Task Force meetings before he comes out to brief the press, as if to telegraph to everyone that he's only out there to scream at reporters. But it now appears that the briefings are the least of our worries.

    ....a report from the Washington Post Tuesday suggests he was warned on more than 12 different occasions throughout January and February that this was going to be really fXXkXXg bad....

    There's the time-is-a-flat-circle part. You elect a moron, they don't do the reading and they miss things and it costs us. It's almost like being president is a hard job that not any shmuck can do just because they yell the right things about Certain People. The reading situation is so deeply ingrained now that either—or both—the WaPo and their sources in the national-security setup felt the need to clarify that this information was repeatedly delivered to the president orally. That is to say, there is literally zero expectation that the president has read a word of his briefings, so you've got to clarify that the words were said slowly in the direction of his face....

    Whatever it is, he is clearly unfit for the job we hired him for: managing the Executive Branch of our federal government on a temporary basis. He doesn't read, he doesn't know what's going on, and he should be fired for gross incompetence.


    N.B. China and the rest of the world must keep pressing the US to answer the answered question of the five US soldiers who were down with high fevers, shallow coughs and chest pains in Wuhan late October last year.

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