Trump says “low-IQ” Biden "doesn’t know he’s alive"


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May 1, 2014
1. US President Donald Trump on Friday insulted his Democratic challenger Joe Biden as “low-IQ” and barely conscious in a New Hampshire speech reinforcing his strategy of painting himself as the defender of the country against socialist mayhem.....

“I will have lost to a low-IQ individual. I don’t want that. ‘Sleepy Joe,’ I don’t want it,” Trump said of the former vice president and longtime senator. “The guy doesn’t know he’s alive.”....

“We are all that stand between the American people and the left wing mob,” he said. “If you want to save democracy from the mob, then you must vote to defeat an extremely poor candidate.”

To cheers and laughter, Trump, 74, described 77-year-old Biden as “weak” and “the worst candidate ever put up by the Democratic party.”....

But with the president stepping up, Biden is finally “coming out of the basement,” as his opponents mockingly say...


2. In a normal country, the outgoing ”con artist” president should be fleeing abroad for self-exile or asylum before January 20, 2021 if he wants to "know he’s alive" after leaving office.

If he and other rogues in his party could still stick around in the country without being jailed for corruption and other crimes, it would prove the incoming president "doesn’t know he’s alive".

Worse still, if the con man could stage a remarkable comeback in 2024, it would show that his supporters "don't know they're alive" while his successor "doesn’t know he’s not alive".

When the con man returns, whither US democracy goes? :)