UCL Study: American Indian Holocaust triggers climate change


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May 1, 2014
1. The arrival of Europeans in the Americas left a trail of death in their wake that also triggered a period of climate change, according to a new theory proposed by British scientists.

A University College London team estimates that 55 million indigenous people died following the conquest of the Americas that began at the end of the 15th century.

The majority of these deaths resulted from diseases brought to the new shores by the settlers, which are thought to have wiped out up to 90 per cent of the native population.....

“There is a marked cooling around that time (1500s-1600s) which is called the Little Ice Age, and what’s interesting is that we can see natural processes giving a little bit of cooling,” co-author Professor Mark Maslin told the BBC.

“But actually to get the full cooling – double the natural processes – you have to have this genocide-generated drop in CO2.”

The “Little Ice Age” was a period in European history noted for plummeting temperatures, when rivers across the continent, including the Thames, regularly froze over.

According to Professor Maslin and his colleagues, support for a link between this period and the “great dying” of indigenous American peoples comes from Antarctica.

Ice core records from the polar region contain air bubbles that reveal a drop in concentration of atmospheric CO2 around this time.

Besides the sudden drop in human population, the scientists said the changes in climate also coincided with fluctuations in charcoal and pollen deposits collected from the Americas.

Professor Ed Hawkins, a climate scientist at Reading University who was not involved in the work, said it was evidence that “human activities affected the climate well before the industrial revolution began”....

They said the decline of America’s indigenous population meant an area roughly the size of France was reforested, sucking out CO2 roughly equivalent to just two years of fossil fuel emissions.....

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/envir...rests-university-college-london-a8756771.html

2. It has to be pointed out that the study was not conducted by an anti-US organisation from Russia or China but by researchers at the reputable University College London (UCL). Hence the claim of climate change is not something that is plucked out of the thin air. Moreover, the study also affirms the American Indian Holocaust, known as the “500 year war".

Trump is reported to have an aversion to reading. At least he should have heard something about the genocide of Native Americans because he has used the story of Senator Warren's family as a racist political joke by mocking her as "Pocahontas". His knowledge of the genocide, however meagre, may explain his rejection of science and denial of climate change which he called a Chinese hoax. He claimed that "the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese”. It won't be surprising that he may also call the University College London (UCL) study a cooked-up story or Chinese hoax too.

By the way, the California wildfires are still raging over an area larger than the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nature (or God) seems to have a subtle way of punishing those who flout its (or His) law. Wildfires have become an annual affair in the American West. Will such disaster become a yearly occurrence in western United States for 500 years?



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