Urge Governor Brown to VETO SB 48!


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Jun 16, 2008
SB 48, the mandate to make young children emulate homosexual lifestyles and cultures is due to be signed in mere days. If you live in California, write Governor Brown http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php and urge him to veto it based on the ample linguistical evidence in this link alone, that gays have made a cultural more out of predating children:http://www.aaronsgayinfo.com/Fterms.html

And the Mayo Clinic which has found

Research categorizes male pedophiles
by whether they are attracted to only male children (homosexual
pedophilia), female children (heterosexual pedophilia),
or children from both sexes (bisexual pedophilia) 3,6,10,29.
The percentage of homosexual pedophiles
ranges from 9% to 40%, which is approximately 4 to 20
times higher than the rate of adult men attracted to other
adult men (using a prevalence rate of adult homosexuality
of 2%-4%).5,7,10,19,29,30....

.....One of the most obvious examples of an environmental
factor that increases the chances of an individual becoming
an offender is if he or she were sexually abused as a child.
This relationship is known as the “victim-to-abuser cycle”
or “abused-abusers phenomena.”5,23,24,46...

......Many theories have speculated on why the “abused-abusers
phenomena” occurs: identification with the aggressor,
in which the abused child is trying to gain a new
identity by becoming the abuser; an imprinted sexual
arousal pattern established by early abuse; early abuse
leading to hypersexual behavior; or a form of social learning
took place.23,24,46.. http://www.drrichardhall.com/Articles/pedophiles.pdf

Urge the Governor to fully investigate all possible harm that could come to young impressionable minds from teaching gay sex is "OK, healthy and Normal"

MSM)1 represent approximately 2% of the US population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV and are the only risk group in which new HIV infections have been increasing steadily since the early 1990s..At the end of 2006, more than half (53%) of all people living with HIV in the United States were MSM or MSM-IDU. Since the beginning of the US epidemic, MSM have consistently represented the largest percentage of persons diagnosed with AIDS and persons with an AIDS diagnosis who have died. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/topics/msm/index.htm

Remind him that a majority voted in Prop 8 for a reason, not "just to be mean". They did it for this very reason..the unending steamroller that wants directly into the minds of children via marraige and/or instruction in school to uphold as "cool" to little kids..


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Jan 23, 2009
San Diego, CA
SB 48, the mandate to make young children emulate homosexual lifestyles and cultures is due to be signed in mere days.

I could find no text in California's SB48 that requires, or even mentions, making "young children emulate homosexual lifestyles and cultures".

Can you please point out where it says this?


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Mar 27, 2011
Ho-hum. Who gives a crap what the communist government in the People's Republik Of Kalifornia does?

The United States is falling apart at the seams, and people are concerned about Kalifornia fruits and nuts promoting the homosexual lifestyle? OH MY GOD! The world is going to end if Moonbeam Brown signs this into law! Batten down the hatches! All hands on deck! Man the lifeboats! Abandon ship!