US House "staunchly, proudly" passes resolution for Ukraine


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May 1, 2014
1. WASHINGTON (AP) — The House has overwhelmingly approved a resolution “steadfastly, staunchly, proudly and fervently” in support of Ukraine.

Lawmakers said Wednesday that history was watching the way the world responds as Ukrainians fight to save their Western-style democracy from invasion by Russia. With intensifying urgency, many in Congress said more must be done to help Ukraine and cut off Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ability to wage war.

In the Senate, Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was also introducing a resolution that would back Ukraine’s claim in international court that Putin and his “cronies” have committed war crimes....

Meeks urged his colleague to provide a unanimous vote to overwhelmingly show “whether or not we stood up and stood out to protect freedom.”

The resolve comes after the blue and yellow colors of the Ukraine flag were on view in the House chamber for President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, a display of bipartisan common ground for the often divided Congress....

The resolution approved by the House says it “stands steadfastly, staunchly, proudly and fervently behind the Ukrainian people in their fight against the authoritarian Putin regime.”

It calls for an immediate cease-fire and the removal of Russian forces from Ukraine, pledges U.S. support for the Ukrainian resistance and vows to provide “significant additional aid and humanitarian relief to Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russia’s aggression.”

Congress largely backs Biden’s strategy of economic sanctions against Russia, even as lawmakers push for more. Many want Biden to cut off Russian oil exports to the U.S. as a way to clip Putin's economy and deprive him of resources. Lawmakers of both parties want to send Ukraine more ammunition, anti-aircraft weapons and other military and relief aid.


2. It is the laughing stock of all centuries to call the overwhelmingly approval of the resolution by the House as “steadfastly, staunchly, proudly and fervently” in support of Ukraine. As expected, nothing was mentioned in the resolution about putting the "boots on the ground" in Ukraine. It was all talks but no actions. How coward, shameful, disgraceful and despicable!

Though the US leader has condemned Russia’s invasion all this while, he has gone to great lengths to make clear that US forces will not enter Ukraine and engage Russia directly. This is a tacit invitation and encouragement to Putin to continue his aggression in Ukraine.

In addition, Uncle Sam is trying hard to drag all other countries, big or small, into the conflict. Taking an analogy, when a stronger lion roars, the coward lion goes away with its tail between its legs. Do we expect smaller animals such as leopards, wolves, foxes, wild boars, deer, etc, dare to charge forward to confront the challenger?

3. As Uncle Sam's cowardice is so aptly depicted by my Chinese poem. I post it again to remind him of his responsibility as the global constable, and not try to drag other countries, big or small, into the conflict for his selfish ends as cannon fodder or shields. 😇