US panel urges stronger defence against rising China


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May 1, 2014
1. The United States should bolster its ability to deter a Chinese attack against Taiwan and strengthen its oversight of Chinese companies as it faces an increasingly "triumphalist" and "aggressive" China, a bipartisan panel told Congress on Wednesday.

A 539-page report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission — created by Congress specifically to track and anticipate threats from China — said the Chinese Communist Party's assertive behavior was likely to intensify as the country's leaders confront a gap between triumphalist rhetoric at home and challenges from growing debt to technological dependence on the U.S. and criticism of its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic......

2. Just like the face and personal gas emissions of the two-faced White House incumbent, US attitudes towards foreign countries, particularly China, could change just as fast. The anti-Chinese recommendations in the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission annual report that came fast and furious just two days after the Xi-Biden virtual summit should have awakened the Chinese leader and his people from any delusion of thaw in US-Sino ties.

Following the success of such ultranationalists as the self-declared "Messiah" ex-president, "My Peter" Navarro, Mike Pompeto, Poor Little Rich Boy Marco, Tom Cotton Brain, etc in establishing a foothold like bacteria and viruses in the US political arena, Sino-US relations have taken a deep dive into the unknown on a journey of no return. After reading the 539-page report, one would get the impression that the US-China relations have been long dead if not under intense hospice care.