US sinks to new low in rankings of world's democracies


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May 1, 2014
1. The US has fallen to a new low in a global ranking of political rights and civil liberties, a drop fueled by unequal treatment of minority groups, damaging influence of money in politics, and increased polarization, according to a new report by Freedom House, a democracy watchdog group.

The US earned 83 out of 100 possible points this year in Freedom House’s annual rankings of freedoms around the world, an 11-point drop from its 94 ranking a decade ago. The US’s new ranking places it on par with countries like Panama, Romania and Croatia and behind countries such as Argentina and Mongolia. It lagged far behind countries like the United Kingdom (93), Chile (93), Costa Rica (91) and Slovakia (90).

“Dropping 11 points is unusual, especially for an established democracy, because they tend to be more stable in our scores,” Sarah Repucci, Freedom House’s vice-president for research and analysis, told the Guardian. “It’s significant for Americans and it’s significant for the world because the United States is such a prominent, visible democracy, one that is looked to for so many reasons.”....


2. It is laughable why the US always imposes sanctions on low-ranking Chinese officials instead of the Chinese leader who is responsible for every policy decision-making in his country.

The two-faced gas-emitting White House incumbent should also impose sanctions on himself for failing to officially release his predecessor's tax returns and improve the human rights conditions in the US after nearly a year in office. He should also apply sanctions on the self-declared "Messiah" huge mushroom head ex-president for inciting the 6 January 2021 Capitol riot. Last but not least, he should also impose sanctions on all the criminals pardoned by his predecessor. :)

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