US will stage a diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics


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May 1, 2014
1. WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. will stage a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest Chinese human rights abuses, the White House confirmed Monday, a move that China has vowed to greet with “firm countermeasures.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said U.S. athletes will continue to compete and will “have our full support,” but added “we will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games.”....

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian accused U.S. politicians of grandstanding over the issue of not sending dignitaries to attend events that China hopes will showcase its economic development and technological prowess.....

“Without being invited, American politicians keep hyping the so-called diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is purely wishful thinking and grandstanding,” Zhao told reporters at a daily briefing. “If the U.S. side is bent on going its own way, China will take firm countermeasures.”...


2. Even though no American politician (including Biden) has been invited to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the US has the gall to announce a diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics. Hence China's best countermeasure is an announcement of a tit-for-tat boycott of the United States’ upcoming Summit for Democracy on Dec 9 and 10 (even though it is also not invited). China should give the following reasons for the boycott of the US democracy summit:

"Our boycott of the US democracy summit is a necessary step in view of the US poor record on human rights. The US is using its so-called democracy summit to whitewash its ill treatment of civil rights activists, ethnic minorities and indigenous populations.

We boycott the US democracy summit for its genocide of Red Indians, suppression of the Black Lives Matter Movement, past and ongoing military aggression in the Middle East and around the world, as well as its long occupation of Red Indian lands in the so-called New World.

We have a fundamental commitment to promoting human rights. And we feel strongly in our position and we will continue to take actions to advance human rights in the US and beyond. We call on our allies and partners that share our values to join with China in the boycott."

3. The US announcement of diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics (even though it is not invited) reminds us of the Grimm's fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. In the story, a king and queen held a grand feast to celebrate the birth of their daughter. After eleven of the fairies had presented their gifts, the thirteenth suddenly appeared....

Instead of being angry and wanted to show her spite for not having been invited to the feast, I suggest the thirteenth fairy should announce the boycott of the royal feast in my new version of the fairy tale.

If Tom Cotton Brain happens to chance upon this thread, he may suggest that all Chinese students should study Grimm's fairy tales in addition to Shakespeare's plays. :)

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