Wash DC to get a voting Representative in Congress???


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Jan 23, 2009
San Diego, CA
Washington DC has long had a non-voting "Delegate" to the House of Representatives. But now, Congress appears ready to pass a bill that "gives" DC a full Representative in Congress (the DC House Voting Rights Act, H.R.157/S.160).

DC residents pay taxes, of course, so this appears to be a clear case of "taxation without representation". Sounds to me like the matter should be redressed: Either change the law and give DC a Rep in Congress, or cancel ALL of DC's taxes: Income taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare, and any and all Federal excise taxes and duties charged to DC residents.

Now it appears that Congress is about to pass a bill that gives DC a full voting Representative in Congress. That's the right sentiment...


The Constitution says that members of the House of Representatives are to be chosen by the people of the STATE they represent. And that the Rep must be an inhabitant of the STATE that elects them.

It also says that the "Seat of Government of the United States" is a DISTRICT.

Did I miss the Constitutional Amendment that changed this, and made DC a STATE?

If not, can someone please point out to me which STATE elected this "Representative", and which STATE she's an inhabitant of?

And/or, where Congress got the authority to countermand a clear Constitutional provision?

If Congress decides we should have three Presidents, or seven Vice Presidents, will that become law too?

Getting DC a Representative, to go along with their taxpaying, is a good idea. But Congress is going about it in 100% the wrong way. Two wrongs aren't going to make a Right - they will just make two Wrongs.

Since it says plainly in the Constitution that DC is not a State, the ONLY way we can get them full voting Representation, is to make it a State... or change the Constitutional requirements for House membership.

Without such an amendment, Congress's present bill is flatly unconstitutional.



Obama Urges House To Give DC Full Voting Rights

by Emily Cyr

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is urging lawmakers to give the District of Columbia a voting member of Congress.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has said he will bring a bill on the issue for a vote next week.

The statement comes on Emancipation Day, a DC holiday commemorating the day President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in Washington. That was nine months before the Emancipation Proclamation.

DC leaders are using the holiday as an occasion to push for full voting rights for the city.

The Senate passed a bill granting DC a vote more than a year ago, but senators added an amendment to repeal strict gun laws in the city. The bill had since stalled in the House. The bill is still expected to includes a version of that amendment.


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Jan 17, 2008
land of 10,000 lakes and 2 senators again
guess what not all 50 states, are states...they still vote.

And what happen to no taxes without representation...Do you think word play on what DC is, is more important then there right to vote? 100 bucks says if DC would vote Republican you would be all for it...You just know would go Dem..