Whats going on in the democrats liberal paradise ?

the annoying thing

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Jan 17, 2022
Seems there is the usual covid issue , but there a possible hundreds infected with polio and a monkey pox out break also .

Overall index crime in New York City increased by 27.8% in May 2022 compared with May 2021 (10,414 v. 8,149). Each of the seven major index crime categories saw increases, driven by a 42.1% increase in grand larceny (4,116 v. 2,897); a 28.3% rise in burglary (1,239 v. 966); and a 26.2% increase in robbery (1,506 v. 1,193).

Sky high taxes and outrages food and housing costs and extremely high taxes

Add in so many illegals they can not afford that Biden and them crying for federal aide when its just what they voted for. increasing crime drugs and gangs due to defending the police there , Another great liberal plan that proves they are stupid.
Along with a revolving door on their justice system where just 10 men were arrested 500 times and let out bail free . Again proof they are stupid.
Its sure sounds like a liberal paradise .
A true liberal paradise . I have been there to visit a friend from the Dominican Republic who moved to Brooklyn . He ended up in Texas . It really sucked there but at least i got some great ox tail and jerk chicken his wife alway made when we would come . drink some rum . miss him and his but not nyc .