Who Runs this Shithole Forum

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Nov 29, 2022
From what I can see this forum was once a thriving place. But thanks to some pure shit for moderating, its now a dump with two Marxist bots (pjmret and Boris) who do nothing but disrupts and destroy threads with 3rd grade stupidities and fake news.

. . . . . I would have liked this group to work for me, but it was not to be, and then there is that pitiful Borris...
I'm sick sick sick of it all at almost 3 yrs of Lies, Lies, Lies.[/B]
Boris lol hes a real winner

There's two.

Until the moderators pull their thumbs out of their asses and actually do something, like give those two a 60 day temp ban to stew over their board disruption, then this place will never attract adults having real conversations.

Those little pieces of shit have literally destroyed every thread I have started here.

If you can't do your job then make me a moderator. I keep my forum clean and respectful. I can do that here too.

AND, in case somebody replies by saying that I have posted some bad stuff too, my response to that is I would have never had to do that if the mods were doing their job in the first place. When you are in the wild wild west you have to use your guns. I would prefer not to though.

Yah, well, get off your lazy ass and do it then. Or let me.
"Yah, well, get off your lazy ass and do it then. Or let me."

trump lover wants dictatoral power to censor people who make him look stupid.

no surprise. lol
the irony is that you go around accusing people of being pedophiles with no proof, which is about as bad a thing as you can do in a forum..and you want them to censor OTHERS?

You are a pedophile bitch. I proved it already.

Now fuck off you little coward bitch.

This forum deserves you and you deserve it.
And there is exactly the reason why you are not an admin.

There was a time when you thought your threats and debating skills would destroy the democrats. It hasn't so now your wanting big brother to step in.
Stamp your feet and scream some more. That always works for little kids.
the title of this thread is right from the "donald trump i love to insult people and i am shocked when they don't react well and don't what I want them to do" school of thought. lol.

trump went after mccain and the rest is history: "
On Election Day, many of them — led by McCain’s widow, Cindy — took revenge: Arizona is on target to choose a Democrat — Biden — for the first time in almost 25 years. Biden’s early lead was such that Fox News declared him the winner in the Grand Canyon State on Tuesday, altering the electoral math and pulling the rug out from under Trump’s plans to claim victory in the overall polling before the Biden-leaning mailed ballots were counted in the Midwestern states."

so i'm sure, OP, that the owner will look kindly on you insulting his web site. hahahahhaha