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Abdullah Fadel Attar - Abou Fadel - Chemicals Trading - Al Qaeda Aleppo

Discussion in 'Culture & Religion' started by SyrianVictime, Sep 28, 2013.

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    Sep 28, 2013
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    Abdullah Fadel Attar - Abou Fadel - Chemicals Trading - Al Qaeda Aleppo , Syria
    All due respect to the principles of privacy and ethics of society , but when exceeding certain destinations and people of the limits of human through Mafia governments and private religious show this correspondence to request assistance from international social justice .
    I am one of the most prominent victims of the tragic events of September 11 carried out by the Mossad and the United States and the Italian mafia that sells drugs al - Qaeda any Vatican .

    That these horrific events have made to rule Syria via Bashar al-Assad any Mossad , Clinton and U.S. National Security and Assad Edmrna is not justified because it was helping to put at the helm Hebrew and across Jnciata especially Russian awarded for killing skills , especially through bank U.S. Federal Reserve .

    The objective related to agents of the Mossad in Syria , especially Abdullah Fadel Attar, who serves as secretary of Commerce Aleppo , which has a plant soap competing plant my uncle who printed my name on the Oasis Mohamed Sobhi jebeili and Attar uses Freemasonry to pull my personality across psychiatric patients Catholics against Islam , and through the royal family British and Saudi Arabia , which suffers from balance myself through intelligence .

    I was surprised to support Attar of Saudi Arabia in spite of all women visiting the ranch from Morocco and I mean a farm Abo hasan Nobli نبلي bought by him and by the U.S. National Security cites his women from nightclubs to emphasize that it is not Islam and it is with the crusade all the women of Morocco, Russia and through the Mossad and the company prada Bouti himself and to serve the man is talented and is unable to tender name abdel aii jbili the works in the international Monetary Fund ( IMF ) from Morocco to money laundering politicians.
    The Secretary of Commerce Aleppo old Mohamed Mansour , who works Romania 's consul in Aleppo, who entered the Masonic Mafia after killing his wife and her lover in an incident of honor did not enter imprisonment and through Morocco and Atar .
    Then comes the royal family , Italy and the Vatican inventing named Abu Omar Masri and the Israel bombed Syria on September 6, 2007 by cameras from the Mossad , Italy, Attar where arrested me and tortured at the School of Christ located in via spaonrao 40 milano managed Cathedral located in milano via bertoni 9 near the headquarters of the newspaper Correa Della walk in which it operates apostate from Islam to Christ, a strange religion named Magdi Allam works , the service Omar Suleiman , the Egyptian security .

    Why do we receive with Islam extremist Mossad does not know him and did not him , and he continued his do not want to do or want to Mason and those paying money via Germany and chemicals to implicate Syria.
    And why the Prime Minister of Romania adrian puntea introduced me across the Romanian Intelligence SRI on named adrian pantea the person before the appearance of events such as the appearance of Abu Ata events outlet .

    That religion Mafia Christ Mason criminals Ahmona to him and despicable Arabia nests above Turkish Allowatih , and Judaism.

    Clinton doing it for Bashar al - Assad and Cbih Masonic Abdullah Attar Abu Fadel , a pirate Islam seeks to suction the people 's money through it , such as the case of Mustafa Class and money collectors as part of a crusade

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