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Global Warming idiot smacked around, then acts like a baby.

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Andy, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Andy

    Andy Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2008
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    On Roll Call TV, environmental nut Joe Romm of "Climate Progress" debates matters of global warming and policy with Marc Morano, a former republican.

    On the video Joe Romm get's smacked around a dozen times on different issues related to the topic. So bad was the shalacking, he never once actually contested the evidence, but nevertheless claimed almost a dozen times or more, that Morano was "making up stuff".

    http://www.rollcall.com/multimedia/tv/33727-1.html <-part one
    http://www.rollcall.com/multimedia/tv/33726-1.html <-part two

    One specific claim made by Romm though, was that there are more green wind power jobs, than there are coal mining jobs. Citing a report printed in the Huffington Post, a bastion of neutral reporting, that there are 85K jobs in wind power, but only 81K in coal.

    Interestingly, the wind power jobs number comes from including people who manufacture the wind turbine parts, the sales and marketing teams, the legal teams to gain property rights, the construction and installation of turbines.

    While the coal mine jobs, includes... coal miners. And no one else. Shouldn't the transportation of coal jobs be included? Shouldn't the construction workers for the coal power plant be included? Shouldn't the legal and marketing teams be included? What about the people who manufacture the mining equipment?

    Amusingly, source watch, indicates there are over 174K full time permanent jobs in the coal industry.

    Further, a 1995 fact book published by the Department of Energy cites 1994 study conducted for the National Coal Association, which said that the coal industry's workforce, which at the time was said to be 136,000, was indirectly responsible for another 1.4 million jobs.

    Want to guess those numbers are larger than in 1994?

    However, even if the original number were accurate, and they are not, that 85K jobs produces less than 1% of America's electrical usage, while the 81K coal mining jobs, produce nearly half. So it takes 85K jobs to make about 1% of the power that coal produces? Brilliant!

    So who was making up stuff again?
    Despite having his head handed to him on a platter, Joe Romm was not to be out done. After being mentally crushed under Morano's evidence and logic, Joe Romm went back to Climate Progress and promptly banned Morano from using the Climate Progress's web site forums, and then claimed that he had been proven right by all reviewers of the debate. Hilarious sore loser.
  2. Ronaldus Magnus

    Ronaldus Magnus Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2009
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    Andy I watched your videos, Great Post.

    1/3 of the earth will be desert? Holy Crap that is amazing...We will have the same amount of desert that we do now!

    Extreme droughts everywhere? I assume everywhere means everywhere.....So having said that maybe he should talk to the people in Fargo, or in my state where it has rained 6 out of the last 10 days.

    Every country is going to take action? Has he not seen the list of countries that reject this THEORY. Some of which Mr. Morano, listed off sitting right next to him.

    Ever notice how Libs get rude, and obnoxious when they are proven wrong with facts? This guy was literally about to throw a temper tantrum!

    Then I love how he can no longer debate him with facts on the subject that they are on the show to discuss.....He pulls a "Shaman" and changes gears to Kerry and Murtha.
    In the last 150 years it was basically carbon dioxide that caused warming? How can one measure the carbon dioxide levels 150 years ago? Do they have a time machine to take their spectrometer back with them to measure the levels? I know enough history to know that the hottest day in U.S. history was July 10, 1913 with the temp being 134 degrees. Was that caused by global warming?

    Weren't this same people calling for the Next Ice Age in the 70's, and wanting to sow the clouds with sulfur or something?

    Political process is the same as scientific process according to this guy....he was so intellectually out match it wasn't even funny.

    Actually the three biggest suppliers of oil to the U.S. are #1 Canada, #2 Saudi Arabia, #3 Mexico....

    So again democrats proven to try and keep minorities down! The response to this charge...."you make stuff up." I can't defend myself with facts so I will simply so "liar liar pants on fire."

    Notice that this lib pulls a classic "Shaman" defense. I have nothing fact based what do I do......Oh yeah switch subjects.....So he brings up Kerry and Murtha. Smooth move, I'm sure nobody noticed that........I mean they only brought you on to talk about Global Warming.
  3. Dr.Who

    Dr.Who Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2007
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    Horse Country
    And despite the overall thrashing that so-called* green supporters take daily and the fact that they could not be more wrong the agenda is still pushed by the fantasy laden white house.

    * I say "so-called green" because were they to support real green causes instead of fantasy I would whole heartedly support them.

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