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Is Philly a Commie city ?

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by steveox, Aug 14, 2011.

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    Because of Curfew laws?

    PHILADELPHIA — On Day 2 of Philly's curfew law, Mayor Nutter answered critics who say that the flash mob is sparked by underage kids having nothing else to do in the city, NBC station WCAU reported.

    Nutter hosted a bowling event for dozens of curfew age teenagers at Erie Lanes on East Erie Avenue.

    "Positive young people, positive adults, people getting involved, actively participating in the lives of young people," said Nutter.

    On Friday, Police say that 50 minors were rounded up in Philly for violating the city's new curfew law of 9 p.m. The law was implemented in response to a series of violent flash mob attacks involving juveniles. Some of the parents and family members of the minors who were rounded up criticized the policy, saying that it was unfair to punish every teen when only a few were responsible for the violent attacks. Mayor Nutter stood firmly behind the policy however.

    "I guess it was like 50 people out of a couple hundred thousand who apparently either didn't get the message or maybe for some reason didn't take it seriously," said Mayor Nutter. "We're as serious as a heart attack about this. We're not playing around."


    Isnt what the Nazis used to do?

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