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Discussion in 'European Politics' started by Jeugenen, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Jeugenen

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    May 29, 2008
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    Israel and the Diaspora, hysterically Obamaphobic, have been screaming for the bombing of Iran as she steadily grows in economic and military power. But now, since instigating the bombing of Iraq, no one hears these screams of the damned.

    Why is it taking President Bush and Prime Minister Brown so long to again don their beanies and head for Israel, to renew their sacred vows of undying allegiance to Israel? Is it possible that these political prostitutes have betrayed the honor entrusted with them?

    Why is it taking Supreme Mullah Khamenei so long to call for a fresh flood of Iranian blood, a great martyrdom that would lend credibility to Israel’s Obamaphobia? It is possible that the Iranians and Arabs have finally grown wise to Israel’s Neo-Marxist tactic of inciting mortal strife between Muslims and Christians?

    Europeans, wildly Obamaphilic, have been cheering for peacemaker Obama and sneering at warmonger McCain. Is it possible that they condemn Israel’s land robbery and war crimes against the Palestinian People and instigation of the Iraq War, enabled by their sustainable parasitism on the wealth and blood of the American People? Is Obama their hope for a friendlier and safer World?

    Why do the Russians and Chinese have loaded nuclear weapons pointed at the head of Israel? Is it possible that Israel’s arsenal of 150 nuclear weapons is a threat to some of their vital defenses?

    Are Israel and the Diaspora inherently incapable of realizing that Nemesis eternally determines their special fate? What do these Judeofascist Land Robbers not see when they look in the mirror?

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