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Looking at world events with "cold eyes"

Discussion in 'House of Debates' started by reedak, Jul 9, 2020.

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    May 1, 2014
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    Part 1: An island in a sea of savages

    Like Robinson Crusoe in Daniel Defoe's novel, the European settlers in the so-called New World viewed themselves as an island of civilisation and supremacy in a sea of savages made up of natives and other ethnic minorities. Those who could "bring home the bacon" and considered to be excessively obedient or servile were called men Friday and Uncle Toms respectively. Such attitude formed the foundation of the Robinson Crusoe's Colonist Mentality and Xenophobia in America.

    Extending this concept to the whole of Western Hemisphere, the US views itself as an island of civilisation and supremacy in a sea of savages from neighbouring countries.

    Extending this concept further to the whole world, the US views itself as the only island of civilisation and supremacy on the planet without tolerance for geopolitical rivals.


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