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Obama's menu for taking over America!

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by CONSERVERATIVETOO, Oct 29, 2008.



    Oct 14, 2008
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    Following is an estimate of Obama's actions to "help" America:

    1- Surrender in Iraq , admit defeat , and bring our troops home.

    2-Passed the "Fairness Doctrine " legislation and only Tv and radio stations that are on Obama,s approved list!
    3- Tax increases only on citizens that breathe plus have UNION GOONS check out how they vote on Union business- NO MORE SECRET BALLOT!
    4- Appoint William Ayers to his advisory staff
    5- Outlaw lapel Flag pins showing the American Flag
    6- Make Reverend Wright Chaplin for the House!
    7- Approve recreational drugs for White house use
    8- Appoint extreme leftist judges to Supreme Court -at least three
    9- Officially put ACORN in charge of policing all future elections n America
    10- Help his supporters by paying death benifits for Abortions and if the infant should survive that child comes under the Obama Infanticide act similar to the bill he supported while in the Illinois SENATE,and must face death again . So far about FIFTY MILLION babies have been killed by abortion. So this plan could require tremendous ammounts of cash. But do not worry , Obama will tax that famous 5% of our earners. Thank Goodness for that wealthy 5%, why they are paying for everthing we need. Sure Hope they do not run of cash!!! If they do I'm positive Obama will send Ole William Ayers over to see them!

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