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Troll Presidential Candidates: Conservative Hillary is Dem; Progressive Trump is Rep; Really?

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by El Veto-Voter, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. El Veto-Voter

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    Aug 22, 2016
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    Sonoran Desert
    Wow! What a wacky lineup!

    On the "LIBERAL" side we have a long-time establishment politician who has supported just about everything that her followers oppose. The list is too long to list here, but you all know it. It includes war, corporate bailouts, special interests, terrorism and anti-terrorism of various sorts, pay-to-play political corruption... all the things that "LIBERALS" are supposed to be against.

    On the "CONSERVATIVE" side we have a long-time liberal donor who has supported just about everything that his followers oppose. The list is too long to list here, but you can find it with a little research. It includes special favors for large corporations (his), government land grabs (eminent domain seizures), trade wars and restrictions (as long as it doesn't impact him and his friends), and who knows what else (since what he says changes from soundbite to soundbite).

    If either were on a forum acting that way, they would immediately be called out for being a troll. But, because they have big money and big connections and huge special interest groups, they are each the hero of their respective movements.

    It seems like sometime in the past some comedian (maybe Woody Allen) came up with this idea and pitched it as a "totally hilarious movie idea..." and the Hollywood producers turned it down as just too ridiculous to be credible with their audiences. Then some political activist got ahold of it and said, "just because it's too bizarre for a movie doesn't mean the voting public won't eat it up!"

    So, we have Hillary Trump, the movie, presented to us as if it were real life.

    Not Sorry Folks, but I'm not that gullible.

    I refuse to let such silliness cause me to go around flapping that "the sky is falling".

    Whoever wins, it will be a sad but hilarious time for America.

    I expect to have a lot of laughs over their antics, both during the election and afterwards.

    If the winner doesn't start a nuclear war or other major catastrophe, I can say, "see the sky didn't fall". If they do something really horrible (which seems quite likely for either of them) I can say, "don't blame me, I don't support that system".

    Of course bad things will result from either of them being elected. The main difference I see is that those who vote for either are enablers to the system and thereby share responsibility in the outcome, whatever it is, while those who don't vote, are not responsible for whatever happens.

    Sure, some people think that "you're not responsible..." is a put-down. It may be, depending on the circumstances. "You're not responsible for taking care of yourself..." is definitely not good (except to those who want to control you by taking care of you). "You're not responsible for this crime..." is definitely good.

    Voting is taking responsibility for the crimes of the winners and the whole political system.

    I am happy to be responsible for myself and my family. I refuse to take responsibility for a political system that is out of control and ruled by lunatics.

    If you disagree feel free to vote. It's your conscience.

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