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UK - Have Squirrels Cracked the Nut of Economy??

Discussion in 'European Politics' started by Galaxygazer, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Heres a little thought or two that I have written whilst pondering on the financial crisis!! Hope you enjoy!!:D

    Have Squirrels Cracked the nut of Economy??

    A Lot of time I have invested over the past six months or so in watching the Global crisis and the UK recession as it came into effect! My question 'Have Squirrels Cracked the nut of Economy?' Is in reference to these times, so please bear with me as i try to explain my reasoning behind this theory and try to prove that Squirrels appear to be far wiser than our government!!!

    In life, in weather, in almost all things there are season's of change. In each aspect life you generally find it has its winter's, spring, summer's and autumns (or fall). It a natural logical step! The winter is baron and cold, the spring breaths new life an rejuvenation, the summer it's blissful sunshine and blooms, then the autumn arrives with the warning sign's that winter is not to far away, and where the life that was there begins to fade without much trace leaving the land desolate and baron for the winter!

    So to the squirrels! In the spring you find that they are out and about foraging about for food to eat but also to store, to find product's that will line their storehouse's always carefully selected as it has to remain for a time! Although there is no sense of urgency at this time they are still preparing, what for you might ask? The summer then arrives and they still are scourging about hunting for their food and product's to line their storehouse's and nest's. They may even get a helping hand from a human who chooses to feed them! However they are careful not to eat it all and to store some of what has been given to them! Then obviously as is the circle of life, autumn arrives and their sense of urgency quickens, these squirrels do not stop! During the autumn they build up their storehouse with nuts, fruit anything will do but they store regardless! Then as winter sets in and the cold wind blows and the land has nothing to eat, we find these little squirrels are sitting comfortably, secure and safe in the knowledge that although this time is bleak they have set themselves up perfectly to weather the winter storms that approach!

    So back to my question! Why has the governments and powers that be not realised, in all their years, the change that occurs with the seasons? Why in this country did the powers that be sit back in the spring and enjoy the growth and rejuvenation that occurred just after the last winter faded away! Why in the summer did they bask in all the sunshine making sweeping statements like 'no more boom or bust' when they actually was doing nothing to gather or collect provisions, Why then when autumn did fall, did they still not sense the urgency of storing, of gathering or protecting all that the glorious spring and summer had given, so that when this winter of recession whether it be global or the UK occurred it found it did not have enough provisions stored to get through the bleak time and to give a more comfortable ride through?

    Even though the squirrels receive 'tit-bits' from humans which they ate a little and stored the rest, have our government not received from the IMF funds, which again they have not attempted in this crisis to store a little and save some? No! they just want to eat it all!! Have they learned nothing?

    So I think that squirrels are wiser, cleverer and more prudent than our current government and governments who have been in power before, who would do to learn a lesson or two from these little friends!!

    They call squirrels rodent's what does that make the government??

    All thoughts welcome, Just thought I would offer a different spin to things!!! Hope you enjoyed anyhow!!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to read!!!
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