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Why does the free world worry about anti-americanism, why does it sympathize Obama?

Discussion in 'U.S. Politics' started by Paul Lasaro, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Paul Lasaro

    Paul Lasaro Active Member

    May 20, 2009
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    Americans might ask – what do others have to do with anti-americanism, what do they have to do about our president Obama? Americans will be right – it is their own business. The principle of the word freedom is sacred for them, the advantage of democracy is the right to be critical and it refers to everybody. Including the president. Even it is Barack Obama.

    Anti-americanism was and will be, Americans are used to it, most of them don’t have to do anything with the outside world and they do not specially bother about it. More important is to solve their own problems and others do not have to nose into it (blog - "Americans, you are happy, aren’t you? Wonder of European"). Let the other world itself deal with its problems and not intrude on Americans with its advice. Especially because Americans have done a lot to maintain stability in the world, have spent plenty of resources and have lost their citizens. Most of all – young soldiers having the flower of their life. Others should only be grateful.

    The truth. 100% truth.

    And also those will be true who say that in fact it is an excuse of indifference and disinclination to look further.

    At first, keep in mind that the world is not anymore the world it used to be 15-20 years ago. Now we all live in one big global village. What is a problem for America today can be a problem for the whole world tomorrow. The weaker, unstabler America is, the unstabler the other free world feels. And vice versa – what is a success today in America, tomorrow it will be success for the other world. In the USA Obama was elected with a huge delight and the whole world at that moment felt better and calmer.

    Americans’ problems with home policy are not anymore only Americans’ internal problems. Even more – it is a huge responsibility because only they have rights for voting.

    Already for many years America has been propagating the values of democracy, to many people it has become an important symbol of democracy. The greatest and the most powerful.

    It is a reason why all people of the free world are worried about the growth of anti-americanism. The democracy opponents by abusing the USA, in fact, assail its values, ideals. All kinds of regimes, dictators, radicals avoid assailing the term – democracy. What’s more – they lay their hands on it, use and rape it.
    Anti-americanism is such a good way because then it is possible to personify, demonize (act like a demon) and weaken the idea of Freedom that endangers their criminal or fallacious plans. That’s because anti-americanism in direct and indirect way endangers people in the whole world who believe in ideals and values of true democracy.

    Is the spread of anti-americanism only exaggerated presumption? Not at all. It must be realized how profound and fundamental is this phenomenon. Just having a look into Wikipedia it can be seen that it has been developing over at least hundred years. Plenty of professionals will confirm that it is a neglected problem for many years. Profoundly and thoroughly. It’s even difficult to list shortly all reasons – the massive Nazi propaganda „machine” during II World War was occupied by it, soon afterwards the cold war followed and it was massively heated by the whole communist propaganda machinery. Communists worked professionally not only in their countries, they also corrupted effectively western intellectuals, whole spectrum of real and pseudopeace organizations. Postwar Europe was a good ground for it – the syndrome of „the youngest, poorest brother” was widespread. In addition, the USA problems in Vietnam and other places appeared. Nowadays many don’t remember but during 70ties in Western Europe there were a lot of left-radicals’ groups which based their ideology on misty Marxism and enthusiastic anti-americanism. This list could be much more longer – Serbia, Iran, Husein’s Iraq, Bin Laden’s rhetoric to Muslims, etc, etc.

    It can’t be said that ex-president of the USA G.W.Bush diminished the spirit of anti-americanism in the world. Isn’t it the high time to start changing something?

    Still it must be said that in Europe among the young generation and intellectuals there were stereotypes of anti-americanism but on the whole mass media takes into account the norms of the democratic press and does not kindle it deliberately. But it can’t be said about Russia (blog - "Extreme Anti-Americanism and emotional defence. Obama=Gorbatchov – changes ruin the empire?"). Americans might have difficulties in understanding it. A good comparison could be if Americans imagine that all channels – CNN, ABC and others would suddenly come into hands of Russian counterpart of senator Joseph McCarthy and only his opinion would be shown. Russian television is actively and purposefully busy with anti-americanism propaganda. They are controlled by government. Can Americans imagine Obama controlling the content of CNN?

    It must really be evaluated and realized how profoundly this problem is neglected. It is useless and naive to take offence against the world and turn one’s back to it. Real friends and educated people will surely understand it but those who won’t understand – can blame themselves.

    It is a simplified and irresponsible attitude. It will reduce the belief in democracy values in the world and thus, the international stability will be diminished. Everybody will suffer from it.

    Good news is a fact that something marvelous happened in 2009. After many decades the rhetoric of anti-americanism has grown calmer, it has lessened. It is a phenomenal thing that actually wasn’t seen since JFK times. The opponents of democracy and the USA have difficulties to resist the charm, intelligence and determination of the new president Obama. He and his team evidently have understood the profundity of the problem and work hard to solve it. Steps and rhetoric are convincing. It really strikes people. It gives some hope to the world that things are going to change.

    At the same time it is clear that positions of Obama are strong enough only now. The opponents of democracy in the whole world will „wake up” suddenly and will try to find all possible ways how to bring into disrepute Obama. They will do it profoundly because they see a real threat in Obama. Also in the USA’s home policy there are many economical problems that will bring Obama under severe criticism from his citizens.

    It all in general troubles the free world. They see in Obama an excellent possibility that gives some hope for improvements, consolidation of democratic positions. Surely, Obama can and must be criticized. These are the rights and duty of Americans. Of course, there will be also Americans who call the symbol of their state „an idiot from Kenya". But it will be more like a testimony about themselves not about Obama.

    The other world just has to hope that Americans will take an opportunity to support a person who has inspired the world and is ready to roll his sleeves up to start solving countless internal and external problems.

    Two important directions that are difficult to develop but which can bring some stability in long-term period – it should be talked more, simplier and more precisely about the benefit of democracy. In a way that it is understandable also in Afghanistan and Somalia. America has to think that global stability effectively can be guaranteed collectively and not imposing all responsibility on Americans. At the moment in the global community a policeman can be the only one who can do it being not elected by the other people. It is a problem for a policeman and the whole community, too.

    It won’t be easy for Obama. If it’s possible – help him, please. Because he is a country that symbolizes democracy and freedom, a president and ... a symbol. When people in Iran, Belarus and other countries go out in the streets calling for Freedom, for them Obama is a symbol.

    Have a nice Day and be careful,
    Paul Lasaro (www.paullasaro.com)
  2. TheFranklinParty

    TheFranklinParty Well-Known Member

    Jun 10, 2009
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    Tampa, FL
    Re: Why does the free world worry about anti-americanism, why does it sympathize Obam

    I agree with your underlying premise that we should have more respect for the office of the President.

    I also believe that many of the countries who would like to see us fail, for one reason or another, will take advantage of our internal bickering and name calling.

    The part I wonder about is the term Democracy. There is always a lot of talk about Democracy, but I wonder if the right to vote and have representation is the most important issue here. I believe that it is our version of Capitalism that makes us great. Our ability to own property and have rights to trade within relatively free markets is the most powerful catalyst for freedom.

    This is what many people around the world lack. The challenge I have is that I see the current Congress, not just the White House, taking some of those freedoms away from us and with that goes our freedoms. IMHO

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