30 days on FX


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Jul 3, 2006
Has anyone every watched the show on FX called 30 Days? The creator of Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock decided to place himself in awkward situations and tape the experience. Sort of a TV version of "walking in ones shoes".

Do you think this will help open peoples minds to life outside of their own?
This show seems to be giving people a sense of what life would be like outside their safety zone. I haven’t seen it yet, but I have heard many people discussing it. Everyone I have heard talking about it seems shocked by what they have seen, and it seems to be a good thing. People are seeing how different two lifestyles can be, and they are (from what I have heard) translating that into their own lives. I’m not saying that people are having epiphanies because of this show, but it is opening minds to one common thing… humanity.
Possibly. i haven't seen the show and can't really form an opinion otherwise. i will try and catch it sometime. What time is it usually on.


I saw the one with the anti-Immigration guy moving into the house with a family of Illegals. He ended up loving them, and was in tears when he left. He also went to Mexico to see where they used to preside, and was awed by the extreme poverty they lived in, and was actually understanding in their efforts to live in America. What television cameras show you today is Illegals crossing the border, in almost an incriminating way. But what they don't show you, is the living conditions, and the Zapatista rebels that pillage, rape, and murder.
Never heard of it before. I dont think ive ever watched FX though i cant even say if i have that channel.
Oh yeah, this show is great, and anyone who hasn't has down and watched Super Size Me should really take the time out to do it.