A look at the events of the economic time line that Teetered the Off Balance Totter.


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Apr 2, 2009
Let's peer into the recent past - starting with the events right after Fanny Mae & Freddie Mac started screwing poor people while calling it help ...
  1. Freddie Mac & Fanny Mae make loans to people who can ALMOST afford them. People who worked hard to get a good credit score were loaned money that exceeded a proper comfort range.
  2. Stalled economy cut's back on handing out pay raises as credit line interest goes up. Instead of the Fed's taking care of the revenue source they get greedy and try to make that source bigger by forcing a higher minimum wage instead of building up what was already faltering.
  3. Two economic hiccup's and two wars teeter the off balance totter. An over inflated housing market and a massive hurricane created gas shortage became the hiccup which had the economy in a fast downward spiral. People who were struggling to barely keep their homes all of a sudden were faced with about a 65% increase in gas to get to work. While they were shuffling bills to keep payments going and hoping for a future raise ... SOOOON - all of a sudden the almost impossible $20.00 weeks ration of gas jumped to nearly $60.00 a week. NOW THEY FACED HARDER CHOICES! What do they neglect to pay to afford the gas to get to work? The neglected bill was CREDIT ... the money the banks and retailers lost from credit cards.
  4. As people are unable to pay for their credit the government helps the creditor FAILED to properly assess the loan payback potential. That knee jerk reaction was like a person got a dog bite and everyone ran to calm down the dog while the person is bleeding to death.

Doesn't ANYONE see this as odd? Those that were deceived are getting no help - yet those who deceived the people out of greed got help and in too many cases got MASSIVE bonuses ...

AND ALL ALONG ... those who could NO LONGER AFFORD to pay the credit are STILL HURT!

Our Government FAILED the people by NOT fixing those things THEY SCREWED UP!
This is not a Bush or Obama thing - it's ALL GOVERNMENT!
Sure - Obama bailed out the Liberal backed Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae and all those damn banks while pissing on the PEOPLE - you know them ... the TAX PAYER!

INDUSTRY does NOT PAY INCOME TAX - People do! The same people who are going broke while the government is sucking us dry!

BUT the little Bush is as at fault as the current admin!
He was quick to start pushing for DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE!

Pardon me - but if you can't afford the down payment - what do you do if a major repair on your house is needed?

Do you realize that all those people who were nearly able to afford their OWN home - if they had a government that REALLY CARED - there would have been incentives for employers to hand out raises instead of bailing out the banking fat cats!

  • Raises would have allowed people to continue paying on their credit instead of defaulting.
  • Raises would have gotten MANY MORE loans paid on instead of getting government to give their financial institutions HUGE lump sum's of money!
  • Raises would have generated a HIGHER TAX per person which means raising taxes could be avoided.

Why aren't there ANY forums saying this ... except for the posts I make all over the internet?