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'Alcohol abuse causes brain damage' - Guardian Unlimited

Discussion in 'Health' started by Walter, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Walter

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    Dec 9, 2006
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    [SIZE=-2]HealthNews-Stats (press release)[/SIZE]
    'Alcohol abuse causes brain damage'
    [SIZE=-1]Guardian Unlimited - 3 hours ago[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Long-term alcoholics are running the risk of permanent brain damage, according to a new study. Research has shown that while the brain can regenerate following damage caused by drink, it struggles more after longer periods.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Stop drinking and your brain gets bigger [SIZE=-1]SooToday.com[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Abstinence pays off, says new alcohol study [SIZE=-1]Telugu Portal[/SIZE][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Food Consumer - Reuters Canada[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]all 43 news articles[/SIZE]


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