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May 29, 2008
America suffers from Podhoretz Neo-Con and Leiberman Neo-Lib political cancers, in her executive, legislative, and judicial organs. Their subversion of foreign policy, Christian morality, and labor relations are notorious.

The 9/11 Terrorist Spectacle is one of the lesser symptoms caused by their hate provoking foreign military interventions. The un-patriotic and illegal Neo-Con Iraq War in support of Judeofascist Israel is costing over a trillion dollars and killing more than 4,000 young patriots; and doing worse damage to Iraq.

Roe vs. Wade is sacrificially killing more than 40 million children of Christian mothers. Naturally, Neo-Marxists and their following of Christian heretics, not wanting to be stigmatized as morally depraved child killers, want every woman to sacrificially kill her children.

Money scammed and extorted from blue-collar rednecks and school teachers by the Neo- Marxist union lobbies, SEIU and NEA, is electing Congressional political prostitutes who enact legislation that subverts Christian culture, nationalistic unity, freedom from excessive governmental regulation, and capitalistic free enterprise.

These malignant cancers got started in America 60 years ago, when millions of pitiful defeated Marxist refugees from Nazi Germany and Marxist Soviet Union were trustingly accepted as immigrants by inexperienced America, after their rejection by experienced Europe. History suggests that their destruction will inevitably occur, with surprising speed. Russia was utterly devastated by Marxist cancers for two generations, and is very slowly recovering with the gradual introduction of democracy, freedom of speech, nationalism, and Christianity. But Germany under Hitler, and Spain under Franco, quickly destroyed their Marxist cancers, before they could seize control over vital governmental organs. Each healthy nation naturally has a unique defensive immune system for destroying malignant political cancers. England’s immune system is so effective that Marxist cancers are unable to grow.

America’s Constitution is quite extraordinary in that the supreme defensive governmental organ of the People is the grass-roots town militia. When executive, legislative, and judicial organs become tyrannical, militias spring-up over-night in every town to restore freedom and democracy, by guns and gallows revolutionary justice. America promises to put on the greatest revolutionary show on Earth, to the tune of “God Bless America”.

Staunch Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Evangelical, and Fundamental crusaders in the Cultural War indirectly support the revolutionary militias, when they forcefully condemn the heresies and inter-denominational strife that is destroying America’s Christian culture. The militia man with Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, and the Right to Bear Arms go into action in a minute, clutching his Crucifix and gun. With Separation of Church and State, his pastor never tells him how to fight for his Country, and his general never tells him how to pray to his Christian God.