Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuco


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Aug 31, 2006
Did anyone happen to hear that these two are dating again? My brother was telling me that he heard this. I just find that these two such slimey people for what they did.
I think they deserve each other. I feel sorry for the Mrs. Buttafuco, she's better off without him, as far as I can tell.
I guess they are so slimey that they can't help but stick to each other...oof, bad joke. They must be made for each other.
I actually saw them on CNN, I think it was on Larry King Live... They were practically posing for the cameras, which makes me think.... could it be that there's a reality TV show in the making, and they are just doing some advertising???
I am not sure exactly what is up but you would just thing these two would stay as far away from each other as possible. I guess obviously some people have no sense or brains.
I think the whole revival of those two is just sickening. Geeze ...are we so hard up for entertainment that we'll watch a rerun like them??? Not me!
I just don't understand why either one would want to get back together with each other. If it was me I would be running in the oppisite direction.
Fortunately, the whole thing seems to have died down ...they just can't compete with Paris Hilton's jail time. As usual, Joey and Amy have bad timing lol.