And who is the Best President of all time?

Andy D

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Jan 3, 2007
I thought I would throw out the more positive, complimentary question to Taters...Who is the best US President of all time?
I have been a big fan of John Kennedy most of my life. At an early age, I read his "Profiles in Courage" and it led me to feel the need to be involved in my community and to some degree in political matters as well. I have often wondered just what would have happened with Vietnam had he lived.
I would have to agree with you JFK. I guess because his presidency was cut short. I would have loved to see what he would have done on a lot of fronts. But to go back further. I would have to say George Washington. He had to blaze alot of trails in the office of presidency.
I will submit Abe Lincoln’s name. He is the only President to truly face a Civil War and he did what he had to in order to preserve a Union. He had many of the same criticism’s that Bush has had thrown at him, and he never lost sight of what was at stake. I really admire him, and think he is arguably the Best President we ever had.
I'm particularly fond of Nixon (Just Kidding). I think the older presidents, like Lincoln, should be honored in this as well as newer ones. It is easier to see the long term results of their decisions. I will throw out Washington. I think his humility in stepping down after two terms set an important precident for our country.