another definition of Conspiracy Theory

Ha! Ha! Ha! That sounds like a "conspiracy theory" that we can all believe in.

On a serious note, Aguilar has rebutted two real conspiracy theorists: Mike Montagne (Mathematically Perfected Economy) and Richard Cook (Monetary Reform aka Social Credit).

The Montagne rebuttal is at

The Cook rebuttal is at

Montagne has been on for months and has gotten a sympathetic hearing. That seems surprising since the Daily Paul is supposed to be libertarian and (at least according to Aguilar) Montagne is a socialist.

I would be interested in hearing what people on this forum think. I've been on the Daily Paul off-and-on for some time and I get the impression that they lack leadership. A lot of people there are very enthusiastic about Ron Paul, but they don't seem to be too clear about actual policy prescriptions. It would be pretty funny if a socialist took the reins while their so-called leaders were snoozing.

BTW: Hi! This is my first post here. I am a Paulite, though I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that his chances of overtaking McCain are getting a tad slim. Oh well.