At a very determinative juncture

Alborz Taha

Aug 28, 2007
Dear Friend,

I have no doubt that you, like any other honest person in the world, suffer from what is happening in Iraq.
We Iraqis are tired of sectarian violence fomented by Iran, we are tired of car bombs, death squads, militias; we are tired of occupation and meddling by other countries,
We are tired of sad stories about our children kidnapped on their way to school, about drilled heads and burned babies in the oven…
We don't want Iran to dominate our country; we don't want Iran's puppets like al-Maliki, Jaafari or Abdulmahdi to append our homeland to Iran,
We want to live in peace and freedom,
We don't want others to decide about our fate,
We want Iraqis determine their way of living, we have to stand up on our feet and we can make it.
To this end we have staged a comprehensive campaign based on a national, secular and democratic program. Day by day more Iraqis are joining this campaign.
As part of this effort, we need the support of everybody, everywhere,
You can join and support this very humanitarian and democratic cause by signing a petition on the following address:

It doesn't take you more than a minute or two, but provides you the chance to participate in helping millions of people. Try it!
While it is a shame what is going on in Iraq. I highly doubt it will cause the people perpetrating sectarian violence to put down thier guns. I highly doubt it will give your government the kick in the pants it definatly needs.
Sheer lunacy to have taken a secular, albeit a strong arm government, and put in its place a democracy where the majority seek a theocracy. Sometimes its best to keep one's nose out. That is, unless there is something else we are not being told were the reasons.
That is, unless there is something else we are not being told were the reasons.

You think? There's been so many different reasons offered up, I wouldn't be surprised if they have a few more in their back pockets. I still think the real reasons are, oil, Israel, and good old fashioned American imperialism.