Awwwwwwww - isn't this cute!

I assume she means in the Democratic primary, which is certainly true, as anyone who's taken a gander at Obama's ludicrous tax plan could tell you.
Chelsea Clinton says her mom is the "most fiscally conservative candidate running".


I'd buy that (if it means just in the democrat party). Osama Obama was rated the most liberal in the Senate.

Hope McCain (or someone else) makes an issue of that - Obama is an extremist. :D
I can just hear the commercial now:

"Barack Hussein Obama - wrong for America. He voted for this tax. He voted for that tax. He even voted for this AND that tax. Obama - wrong on taxes. Wrong for America. Paid for by the whitey-is-the-devil campaign."
Am I the only one who thinks Chelsea's claims are irrelavent to the decision most people have already made?
Yeah, but why talk about it? Talking about stuff is so divisive and partisan. We need a third way full of hope and change and audacity.
She just might be the most fiscally conservative candidate running. She is certainly more conservative than the current POTUS and his former Republican dominated rubber stamp Congress. Would McCain be likely to bring down the deficit? I don't know, and don't think anyone else does either at this point. We do know that he was a part of said rubber stamp congress.

Real fiscal conservatives in Washington have gone the way of the ivory billed woodpecker, and if they're not brought back from the brink of extinction pretty soon, it won't just be the pols calling for change. We're all liable to be asking for change on the street corners.