Bad idea Barack


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Jul 11, 2007
Horse Country
Attacking Pakistan could help AQ.

In taking note of the threat that a reconstituted Al Qaeda poses, Senator Barack Obama has suggested that if Musharraf isn't prepared to crack down on extremists in Waziristan province, the United States may have to act militarily to do so. No American president would deny this country the ability to strike preemptively against an enemy before it could harm the United States. But several candidates in both parties have criticized Obama's position, arguing that military intervention in Pakistan could destabilize Musharraf's regime, thus exacerbating the Al Qaeda threat rather than ameliorating it. So should preemptive attacks by the United States against Al Qaeda bases or operating areas in Pakistan be off limits?
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I think there is some merit to Barak's stand on Pakistan. It would probably be unwise, but it is at least being pro-active in the hunt for OBL which our current leadership seem to have on the back burner, despite being heavy on talk about OBL after 9/11, they havent done much but throw money at the problem.