BEST Live Debate of the year!


Apr 16, 2008
Anyone going to the Speaker Series this year? I have a discount code for all who are interested (I used one for the new york city portion) but here are some for Chicago and Boston. Bill Maher vs. Ann Coulter...should be interesting lol.

There are other speakers for different dates..Al gore, Charlie Rose, Andersoon Cooper, bit list but i can't afford to go to everyone. Anyways, here you go:

Boston: (March 10) the discount is already applied so all they have to do is purchase their tixs normally if they use this link:

Chicago: (March 11) go to the Speaker Series official site ( and type the code "SPIN" in for those interested in a group discount of 4 tickets or more . When you click on buy tickets, you must select 4 or more and then type the code in to the right. Otherwise, the discount code will not work.

New York: (March 9) it's the same code "SPIN" but only you have to purchase 3rd Mezzanine seats to be able to take advantage of the discount. You must go down to the box labeled Promotions and Special offers. Click the amount of tickets and then type the code in the right box. I know it's a lot of info but yeah.