Beware Of Russian Propaganda

God Bless Russia. We all, deep down, agree that government itself is the cause, if not the root, of most of our problems... It's is time to move towards a more harmonious world, and government itself is an obstruction, if not a means to exasperate.
Nobody likes the government, they complain about everything it does, and everything it doesn't do. Just like everyone complains about money; I don't have enough, they have too much, they have too little etc.

If we hate it so much, why do we have it? Because, like it or not, we need government and money to function as a society, it is human nature to make it and it is the most effective way to live harmoniously.

This is why we need a small, decentralised government that has minimum intervention and allows citizens to get on with their lives, only protecting their best interests and spending most of its time redistributing the wealth. This will eventually lead to a better quality of free and prosperous life.

A government that is too minimal and libertarian leads to a larger wealth gap and more poverty with a smaller upper class as private bussiness wins. Socialist governments ultimatley become controlling in every sense, dictating what can and can't be done, while dragging everyone down financially.

A balance can be struck - small government, minimal socialism.
The Russians have always been pretty overt about their propaganda.

Or at least it looks that way to us; even if this channel is in English we're still talking about content designed by/for people who speak Russian primarily. Language counts a lot when it comes to propaganda.