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Britney Spears didnt get Charged with Assult and Naomi Campbell Did,I Smell Racism!!!

Discussion in 'Conspiracy Debates' started by steveox, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. steveox

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    Jun 13, 2007
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    Way Down South
    Britney Spears apologized for attacking a photographer's car with an umbrella in February and the LAPD Offcers didnt arrest her with Assult? And back in January 2007 NYPD Officer Arrested Naomi Campbell with assulting her Maid with a cell phone? Seems like Cops are Racist.If youre white cops wont do a thing to you/If youre Black and you commit a violation of some sort chance are they gonna harrass you a bit. Just like LAPD arrested Snoop Dogg Because Hes Black with Weapons and Drug posseson. Britney Spears wasnt wearing any underwear in Public and the LAPD would arrest her with indecent exposure cause shes white. Just like when Briney spears held her baby in her lap with driving the LAPD or the CHP wouldnt give her a citation Child not Restraint properly.But if that was a Black driver with her baby in her lap while driving year theyre pull her over.Jessie Jackson is Right about COPS. Half of them change that police uniform for a Kl Klux Klan uniform.And Half of them are with the KKK. Next time you see a cop pulling a Black person over yell out the window and say. Hey Officer,, When is you next Klan Meeting?
    I Got Proof here Read these links First Britney Spears story


    And Now Naomi Campbell


    See the Differance?
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