Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

In many ways, yes, especially in the way they rise to power.

Neither Syria or Iran are democracies, and yes, if either got their hands on a nuke, that's one short jump away from al Qaeda possessing nuclear capabilities.

You can thank FDR for this one.

THis is another thing that annoys me. People who believe the talking heads and don't know anything about whats happening in the Middle East.

Both Iran and Syria are enemys of Al Qaeda. They are part of the Shia form of Islam, while the big AL Q is Sunni.

Furthermore, now that we have switched strategy's in the "GWOT", we're no longer supporting the Shia, we're supporting the Sunni's, wherever they are because they hate Iran and Syria. If it's Sunni, we'll fund it. If it promises to kill Shia, we're for it. Of course, Al Qaeda itself fits the bill that way, so would we fund them? Probably, according to a recent article by Seymour Hersh.

Supposedly we're already funding the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, and they're kissing cousins with Al Q. We're annoyed with Syria for being next door to Lebanon, those durn pesky maps! so we're funding the beheaders, just because they don't like the Syrian regime. (Did you get that?, we're funding and supporting an Islamic Terrorist organization, one thats freindly with Al Qaeda!). And because the Israelis keep thinking that if they convince us to **** Lebanon up even more, somehow it'll be to their advantage. I swear, the Israelis seem to be on a crusade to disprove stereotypes. In their first years the Israelis disproved the stereotypes about Jews being wimps; since then they've been working overtime to disprove the one about Jews being smart. They haven't been right about anything in 20 years, but Bush and Cheney keep betting on them.

Anyways, get informed, stop listening to the media hype.