Bush III? Not possible!

Haven't we had enough of Bushes?

Like a lawn taken over by weeds, we just can't seem to get rid of the Bushes!

The first one at least had a semblance of civility and common sense!

The current iteration is devoid of all honesty, decency and integrity! Looks like truth and morality have evaporated here, taken over by lies, deceit. dishonesty and obfuscation!

Normally this would not be such a serious matter; but this guy has landed us in a minefield of historic proportions, causing our country to lose our honor and prestige around the world, and shunning by our longtime allies! And this unethical, immoral and unconstitutional war that he has got us into has depleted our treasury, we are borrowing like a drunken sailor and WE ARE LOSING THOUSANDS OF OUR BRAVE SOLDIERS! Thousands more are permanently disabled, causing havoc to their families! Some 2950 have paid the ultimate price and some 20,000+ are in a hopeless downward spiral because of serious injuries!

He wants to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq, to get butchered by combatants locked in a civil war. Somebody with enough intelligence to read history would have understood the long-standing feud between Shias and Sunnis being fought over for centuries!

I am worried that the next two years would be more disastrous than the past 6 years with a lot more casualties in the war.

So I say "No, Thanks! We have had enough of the Bushes!" Our country will be spending at least the next decade cleaning up the mess this man has left us with, including severe attacks on our civil liberties and serious breaches of our Constitution! The only recourse our Constitution gives us to steady the listing ship of our country is:

Impeachment Now, Vigilance forever!
I WISH it wasn't possible. But unfortunately it is. The first Bush was so unpopular that he didn't win a second term. But then, after 8 years of Clinton, the "shrub" got elected.

Actually, if you consider the fact that George "H.W." Bush now calls Bill Clinton his "surrogate son", we've had a Bush of some kind in the Whitehouse since 1980. And now the Bush machine is getting behind Hillary Clinton. Ruppert Murdoch (the asshole behind Faux News) is her chief fundraiser.

So I'm betting the plan is to let a dem have it for 8 years (preferrably Hillary) and then Jeb Bush can come on the scene and "save" us. We need to expose the criminals once and for all.

And I agree with the statement "Impeachment now, vigilance forever!" If grandaddy Prescott Bush had been adequetely dealt with for his Nazi bank dealings we wouldn't have his descendants in positions of power now. But NOOOO! The government at that time kept all of this quite so as to "not divide the country". Well sometimes you have to cut away the cancer in order for the body to heal.
Compared to all other "Bushes", Jeb seems like more down to earth, likable and those sorts of things!
And this is a BIG BUT - there is that little issue of vote tampering, locking out minority voters in Dade County and that Scary-face insanity of a woman- Katherine Harris-

If we didn't have those issues, we would not have this TOTAL DISASTER we are facing now!

Sorry, Jeb, we like you, but not now, and never ever!

Impeachment Now, Vigilance Forever!
3 left leaning papers did recount the votes. Each time the margin of victory was larger so no election was stolen. Your just going to have some other reason Al is not in office.
Oh GOD another Bush?????

I really doult that another Bush would step in right away. Now if the American people can't see how the Bushs is destorying the world, and they vote for another Bush..two things will happen. (1): There will be more terrorist attacks against America because of Bush. (2): My dog speedo would have a new Bush to piss on. Anywyas Hillary will make President before another Bush steals the President's seat.