Can More Aid Save Afghanistan?


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Dec 23, 2006
The Bush Administration's efforts this week to get its NATO allies to contribute more troops and money to Afghanistan — by pledging more of both from the U.S. — are a reminder of mounting problems in Washington's �other� war. Indeed, even if, as expected, the Administration's request for $10.6 billon more to beef up the Afghan security forces and reconstruction efforts sails through Congress, the additional funds are unlikely to arrive in time to help the Afghan security forces hold their own against the Taliban's spring offensive.

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I don't think so. The aid that would be provided would come with a lot of strings attached, like the last time the U.S. got in business with Afghanistan.
I'm also not sure that pumping endless amounts of money into a country such as Afghanistan, is such a good idea either to be honest.

When will it ever stop? will this country ever be able to stand on its own again, or is this it now? Countries like the US are going to be giving them billions of dollars of tax payers money to keep going. Surely there's got to come a time when enough is enough?
The fighting in Afghanistan won't end any time soon and the Taliban are getting stronger. Unless the U.S is willing to send more troops back then there's not much that can be done to save the country. Nonetheless to prevent another Syrian-like crisis [terrorists running amok] the U.S should still provide more aid to Afghanistan.
There is no reason on God's Green Earth for ANYONE to give-a-shit about anything involving that eternal shithole.
They should only do this--drop leaflets weekly for one year advising ALL people to leave that blight on humanity and let them know CLEARLY that NO ONE will ever, ever, ever come to their aid again.

If they want freedom--then get off your muslim asses and FIGHT for it.
Primordial and primitive Stone Age fanatics.
That's what I don't understand about Syria these days, and the amount of young, fit men that are supposedly fleeing the country as refugees.

Surely they should be staying and fighting for their country if they love it and want it to get back to any site of normality in the future. I guess bettering themselves instead of the future generations is more important to some people though.