Canada: the lunatics ....


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Jan 9, 2008
.... are running the asylum:

(from NR, 7-14-08)

[There is in Canada a] twelve-year-old girl — her name has not been released — who took her father to court for grounding her. The girl won her case. Dad had grounded the lass after she visited forbidden Internet sites and posted online pictures of herself that he considered inappropriate. Our little maple-leaf Morozova was off to the lawyers in no time, and the Quebec Superior Court found in her favor. With this, and the ongoing persecution of Maclean’s magazine (as reported by Mark Hemingway in our June 30 issue), Canada’s days as a free country may be numbered.
Are you sure you are telling the whole story truthfully libs? I hope you wouldn't start a thread which is based on lies in order to get some satisfaction back against me. And please be careful what you say because your calling Canada lunatics is getting dangeroulsy close to the line. Safe I think as long as you don't get personal?

Otherwise libs, have a nice day.