Censorship blatantly revealed Bush address

Abraxis Axis

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May 16, 2007
so anyone here notice that while Bush was having his press conference this morning.....that whenever a reporter started theyre line of questioning there was a delibirate 3 second delay pasted over the first 30 seconds of theyre question..........then and only then the sound re-Synced with the reporters mouths .......

It was ONLY DONE when the reporters STARTED theyre questioning there was NEVER a dely on the president and i even caught one spot where the reporter was delayed and mouth and sound were out of sync while the pres was talkin and was in TOTAL sync

There is no Biased reporting with Bush around this is censorship plain and simple..had the reporter asked something that he didnt want to answer...they would have cut it out

he also was a rude arrogant little troll nervously laughing at many of the questions I still find it hard to believe they let hime speak like that