Chris Matthews spanks neocon LIVE!

top gun

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May 15, 2007
Ohio, USA
OUCH!!! :eek:Man that's gonna leave a mark. Chris Matthews just shreds neocon radio talk show host after he brings up history that he knew absolutely nothing about!

Questioned over and over and over again! Chris finally cut to the obvious and said... YOU KNOW NOTHING... and then schooled the young pup on actual world history and goes to the dictionary stating the obvious that this guy didn't understand the English language saying... Appeasement isn't talking to someone it's giving in or giving something up to an adversary. You can talk and then say... Well we're not going along with that at all!

I saw this live and it was jaw dropping good watching Mr. neocon as he stuttered and stammered and then absolutely BLEW A GASKET in his little box in the corner of the TV screen with nothing but his prepared talking point word "appeasement" and no, ZERO knowledge of any world history let alone any related facts.

Must see TV. Best you'll ever see...