Citizenship: The Only Issue Mr. President !


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Apr 9, 2019
Where’s the Full Disclosure Mr. Trump ?
Why do you hesitate ?
Who are you protecting ?
Who are you appeasing?
Who’s got your balls ?

It’s all here for the Stupid Sheeple to read and learn what ‘THEY’Ve’ Done to your America and how they hijacked your Gov’t.

Wake UP !


Citizenship Is the Issue --- in a Way, It's the Only Issue

Posted: 12 Jul 2019
By Anna Von Reitz
The Living Law Firm

A lot of people are blowing gaskets about Mr. Trump's Executive Order regarding citizenship records. Citizenship is a dire issue, but only partially because of all the illegal aliens pouring over our borders.

When the corporate Territorial Constitution was adopted in 1868, nine million Americans, a huge section of the population at that time, was deliberately disenfranchised under the infamous 14th Amendment.

This Great Disenfranchisement arose because the Pope's Municipal Government sided with the Confederate States of America. Citizens of the United States (as opposed to United States Citizens) were denied the ability to vote in Territorial Elections.
That prohibition has never been lifted.

Technically, Nancy Pelosi and most of her supporters are Enemies under the 14th Amendment, subject to arrest, and not eligible to vote.

If William P Barr can read, the Trump Administration has grounds to pull another Great Disenfranchisement --- not that these people ever had the right to vote under the 14th Amendment anyway.

They've been allowed to, and haven't been prosecuted for doing so, but the 14th Amendment is clear on the point that it is a crime for them to vote in Territorial Elections.

What has happened over time is that the Civil Government has passed itself off as the Civilian Government, and the prohibitions that were meant to be applied against the Municipal Citizenry, have instead been mis-applied to the General Populace --- us, the State Nationals and State Citizens, who aren't supposed to vote in Territorial elections for completely different reasons.

The Territorial Government has been engaged in a de facto mercenary "war" with the Municipal Government for decades, but rather than fight each other, they have combined forces to prey upon the rest of us. Now that we have stuttered awake and objected to this, locating the real "enemy" has begun, as it has to.

It's like Parliamentary Procedure, once the question has been called, it has been called.
So fasten your seat belts.

There are other reasons that the citizenship question is crucial. Here's a sampling.
The Territorial United States Government constantly touts itself as a "democracy"--- a democracy needs a mandate of 51% to govern. They can't ever achieve a mandate until and unless they know how many citizens they have.

By international law, the Territorial United States can only impose upon and presume upon its own citizenry.

We, American State Nationals and American State Citizens, are Third Parties who have nothing to do with their mercenary squabbles. We are supposed to be properly identified as Internationally Protected Persons under the Geneva Conventions.

The fact that we have instead been deliberately mis-identified as one form or another of Territorial or Municipal US Citizen, is both a crime and a disgrace.

If Mr. Trump wants to do the right thing and run the Territorial Government according to Hoyle and Doyle, then he must not rely on the falsified citizenship records that have been kept by the agencies.

He needs to come all the way clean, tell people what "citizenship" really means, honestly describe the kinds of citizenship there are in this country, and let Americans step forward under conditions of full disclosure and identify themselves as: (1) Non-citizens (includes State Nationals); (2) Territorial Citizens (United States Citizens); (3) Municipal Citizens (Citizens of the United States; (4) Permanent Legal Residents (Foreigners Granted Asylum); (5) State Citizens.

Our form of Government requires State Citizens to maintain a singular Citizenship obligation to their State of the Union, which is why we cannot vote in Territorial Government Elections.

The Territorial Government allows Dual Citizenship, but at least one of those citizenship obligations must be to the Territorial Government.

The Municipal Government also allows Dual Citizenship, but anyone with this citizenship is prohibited from voting in Territorial Elections by the 14th Amendment.

Millions of people who are citizens of The United States have been deliberately with malice aforethought misidentified as citizens of "the" United States --- the Municipal Government, instead.

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