I am extremely competitive.

My 2nd grade teacher once called my Mom into a conference because she said, and this is a direct quote "he hates losing too much".

I was always the kid yelling at the little girls in gym class who couldn't make a layup in a pickup basketball game.
I spent most of high school with the "second-best" syndrome. I hate being anything less than the best (and by inadvertently quoting a Vanilla Ice song I'm probably a lot closer to being the worst but whatever) but I always try to see all sides of whatever argument I'm in the middle of; humility is how we learn.
You just wouldn't understand. Don't worry though I'll give you guys an upgrade next time around when evolution happens again. Then you wil be able to understand.
Evolution defeats the theory of creationism.

If God agreed that evolution is true, then it must be that God doesn't exist.