Condoleezza Rice CBS-News-Contributor Inauguration Video!

Peter Dow

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Aug 18, 2012
Aberdeen, Scotland
Valentine video for Condoleezza Rice from Peter Dow. Roses Are Red.

This is a Valentine Day's video for Condoleezza Rice from Peter Dow.

Photographs of Condoleezza Rice, flowers etc. set to the song "Roses Are Red" sung by Jim Reeves.

The video is dedicated as follows -

Condoleezza Rice
Be my Valentine
This day February 14, 2013
And for ever more
Love from Peter Dow
RICE 2016
Rice for President Yahoo Group's RICE 2016 campaign launch video.

Master Class - Condoleezza Rice (3 part video)

Notwithstanding that Condi has never promoted herself as a candidate for elected office, fact is she topped a June 2013 poll of Republicans for president in 2016.

Condoleezza Rice tops poll for Republican nominee for President in 2016! (Rice for President Yahoo Group)

So whilst Condi has made history (many times) I'm certainly not accepting that her contribution to politics is entirely "in the past".

Rice for President Yahoo Group
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